About Us

Daf car rental has been operating in Izmir for many years. Daf car rental has a wide range of vehicle models and renting vehicles  both daily and fleet leasing with affordable price. As an Izmir Car rental company we are also carrying out airport transfers with our expert team. Our company which provides transfer to Izmir and surrounding districts in a short time offers chauffeured service with luxury vehicles. Car rental charges are calculated on a daily basis. If the number of rented days increases, the daily rental fee decreases.

We offer you the most suitable price in the fleet car rental. Periodic inspection of our vehicles is done in a timely manner. As an Izmir Car rental company, we have a place in the domestic lines of the airport and our head office is located in Gaziemir. In addition, you can get all type of supports from our customer representatives before and after the rental by phone.

All of our vehicles are high models. Additionaly, the range of the vehicles is also wide, from the most luxurious to the most standard vehicles, in every brand. Daf car rental company has many brands and models of vehicles such as Renault, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Fiat, Nissan, Opel and etc. You can order your rental choice according to your purpose, such daily, weekly or monthly. You can get special prices for your monthly rental. Enjoy safe driving pleasure with our insured and well-maintained vehicles.