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Car Rental in the Covid-19 Pandemic

The epidemic, which has become the scourge of all humanity in recent years and has led to the closure of many sectors. More precisely, this epidemic, which has affected all over the world, has deeply affected all countries. At the same time, it continues to cause trouble for mankind with its new variants and varieties every day. We must take our measures to protect ourselves from the Covid-19 Epidemic, in which millions of people have lost their lives so far. We must wear our masks and follow the social distance rules. In this sense, we need to disinfect our homes, workplaces and offices at regular intervals. In this way, we can get rid of the pandemic with the least damage, hygiene and cleaning.

Our company has also put new measures into action since the first day of the epidemic. At the same time, perhaps dozens of different customers use our vehicles during the day, week and month. In this sense, we cannot expect the vehicles used by more than one person in certain time periods to have a hygienic environment. In this sense, our company also subject the vehicles purchased from the customer to disinfection processes before allocating them to the new customer. It is an advantage in terms of health that the documents approved by the Ministry of Health are complete. In this sense, the health and well-being of our customers is very important, especially in this period. At the same time, we tell all our staff who are actively working with us to comply with the social distance rule. In addition, we warn them to wear masks and pay attention to hygiene. We carry out disinfection at certain intervals in all our working areas where we work actively.


Our company is among the few rent a car companies that give the most importance to hygiene during the epidemic period. At the same time, it is our subject of appreciation that we open our mouth during the epidemic and take all the necessary precautions strictly. Remember that your health is our health. In this sense, you can stop by our offices where we take all our virus precautions. We are always happy to serve you. We wish you pleasant and healthy days.

Other Services

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Izmir Car Rental
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